Hard Cromed Piston Rods



We are also offering without Hard Cromed Piston Rods & Ground Condition to other Hard Chrome Plater in India. We are having our own manufacturing Facility to produce all of the above products under one roof. We repeat that We are the Original Hard Cromed Piston Rods Manufacturers of all above products and we are not doing business such as Trading, Reselling or Out Sourcing of above product.

We are a company which is well known in the market for the manufacture and supply of a wide range of products such as the Pilled Ground Plated Bars. These products are high on demand in the market and they have been made using the best technology available in the market and they have been reasonably priced.

We are happy to offer our top of the line hard chrome plated rods (piston rods) to customers in the hydraulic cylinder industry of Hard Cromed Piston Rods Suppliers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, which go through a highly specific production process. Each Chrome Plated Rod we ship has been inspected to meet current industry standards for tolerances.

Our family owned business has provided customers with same day shipping for our Hard Cromed Piston Rods Suppliers. CRC processes and ships orders from our warehouse in southern Alabama. Call our team first or request a quote when your customer cannot afford downtime. We also offer hydraulic repair seal kits for industrial and mobile applications.

Hard Cromed Piston Rods Manufacturers is a chromium-plated steel product used primarily as piston rod material in standard hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Hard Chrome bar is normally used in conditions of high stress, friction and harsh climactic environments, the quality of the base metal and subsequent surface treatment are of paramount importance. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness, high yield strength and uniform quality are essential properties of hard chrome bar. Hard Cromed Piston Rods Manufacturers are generally produced from steel bars combining high strength with excellent machinability and weldability.