PTO Driven Water Pump



We are offering PTO Driven Water Pump Manufacturers for Irrigation, which are transported and powered by a tractor. These irrigation pumps are designed to operate directly from the Tractor P.T.O. shaft and save on loss of power transmission & maintenance cost. Our pumps are more efficient than pulley-belt drive pumping systems.

A Single PTO Driven Water Pump Suppliers can cover an area of one acre by sprinkling from one position within 2-3 hours only and with the portable installation can cover the entire farm by moving the system. Rain Guns can be used to irrigate most of the crops. To offer a complete solution to the farmer's need. We also provide special quick fit accessories for using Rain Guns on portable sprinkler pipes.

PTO Driven Water Pump offered come supported by self-adjusting wear plates on both sides of gears as well as feature precise sized hose adapters in inlet ports. Further, outlet ports come with NPT adapter and plug support for sealing of unused port. Some of its features include the use of high-strength aluminum center section for standard duty cycle; ideally suited for use with tractor front end loaders; pull-type Cotton pickers; Cotton Balers; provides for reliable and efficient working performance; superior roller bearing support; internally splined drive shaft; high-tensile cast iron end plates.

Rain-Flo Caprari horizontal centrifugal PTO Driven Water Pump Suppliers are designed to suit all types of irrigation systems. These rugged, efficient pumps are usually supplied mounted on a two-wheeled cart making them very easy to handle. Line includes high head pumps suitable for all sizes of traveling irrigation machines.

PTO Driven Water Pump Manufacturers are supplied with cart, PTO drive shaft, and weld-on companion flanges or fitted with priming valve, primer, pressure gauge, and suction adapter. A very dependable step-up gearbox is an integral part of these well-proven pumps. The gearbox shafts are supported by heavy duty widely spaced bearings. The box is oil lubricated and some models are also water cooled  PTO Driven Water Pump Suppliers. A dipstick is used to check oil level. Cart construction is heavy duty tubular steel fitted with 16″ diameter wheels mounted on roller bearing hubs. A rear stabilizer prevents the pump from tipping backwards.